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Hotone Purple Wind (Marshall Plexi) 5w Guitar Amp Head inspired by the Marshall Plexi Amp

Price: £89.99 £79.00
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Manufacturer Description

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The Hotone Nano Legacy Purple Wind is a Tiny 5W Solid State/Transistor Guitar Amplifier Head inspred by the Marshall Plexi Super Lead Amp from 1959

  • Hotone Nano Legacy Purple Wind Amp
  • FITS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND! But sounds massive.
  • Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959
  • 18V DC power supply (Adapter included)

Superb amplifier. No bigger than some stompboxes but it packs in :-
An effects loop!
Very usable bass/mid/treble EQ
Very usable indeed gain control
Line in
Line out/headphone socket
Copes with speakers from 4-16 ohms
The manufacturers claim lots of Plexi goodness. Dunno about that, but this is a superb home recording and practice amp. The loop makes for easy insertion of delays etc, and if you've a good reverb pedal, that is where it would go. I don't miss reverb for home use at all, a tweak or two with the delay and a good sound is had. In the front end, it takes overdrives in its stride. The gain and volume work hand in hand to give searing cleans or classic rock overdrive sounds. No MeTaL Thrash here without a pedal up front and really, even then, it stumbles a little. Stick with classic rock/ska/punk/surf/garage (how many more genres do you want?) and away from real grindy stuff and all is well. Better than well. I auditioned an Orange Micro-terror and frankly, I fail to see why folk even give them space. This, sound wise, wipes its bottom with the Orange, plus it has a loop, have I mentioned that?
Pick dynamics are jaw dropping. I've tried it with a 1x10, a 1x12, 2 1x10s, a 1x10 + a 1x12 with resistances down to a combined 4ohm. It does get a little flabby at full bore into 4 ohms. Tightens up well into 8 with no fart-out at all but it really gets its mojo into 16ohm.
The lineout doesn't emulate a speaker, but audacity can do that. Mic'ed up and it is one the best recording amps I have ever had the pleasure to own.
Stick an active DI box in series with the speaker and XLR all the way to the P.A. My DI is an active with cab emulation. Yeah, gig with 5 watts from this little beauty, and why not!

Product Information

 Hotone Purple Wind (Marshall Plexi inspired) Guitar Amp Head Review 

 Review 2 - By Hotone 

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