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Gibson Les Paul Studio 2016 T (Traditional) Series Electric Guitar


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Manufacturer Description

Available in Fire Burst with Chrome Hardware as Above - Choose Color: "Fire Burst" and Style: "Chrome Hardware" ABOVE Also available in Ebony - Alpine White - Inverness Green - Pehlam Blue - Red Rocker Finish - Silver Pearl - Vintage Sunburst - Wine Red - ALL with CHROME Hardware - Just Choose the Color you require then set the Style as "Chrome Hardware or Gold Hardware" and click the yellow " Buy Now from Amazon " button. CHOOSE  whichever Hardware Style choice is available - You can CHANGE the Hardware when you get to Amazon

  • Combination of carved maple top with mahogany back with modern weight relief
  • Original neck width of 1 11/16 inches at the nut
  • Equipped with 490r and 498t humbucker pickups
  • Historic neck heel shape, manual tuners and a traditional graph tech nut
  • Standard is Chrome Hardware - You can change this to Gold Hardware, if it's not currently available in the Style Box above,  when you get to Amazon

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Product Description

The Les Paul Studio from Gibson USA has been popular since its arrival to the line up in 1983, winning fans for its ability to deliver genuine Les Paul features, feel and tone thanks to its stripped down ethos. The Les Paul Studio T brings it all back in Traditional form, with the added versatility of coil-split switching and historic appointments. Plus, the Studio's lack of body and fingerboard binding provides a no-nonsense look, for a genuine American-made Gibson Electric guitar. The classic tonewood combination of carved maple top with mahogany back with modern weight relief delivers timeless Les Paul depth, clarity and sustain. Features common to the Gibson USA's 2016 Traditional range include Gibson's original neck width of 1 11/16 inches at the nut, historic neck heel shape, standard quality manual tuners and a traditional Graph Tech nut. The pickups are the 490R and 498T humbuckers and offer rich vintage-inspired tones with the ability to grind out high-gain modern rock, plus coil splitting for authentic single-coil tones.

Box Contains

1 x Gibson Les Paul Studio 2016 T Electric Guitar in Fire Burst with Chrome Hardware - 1 Case

Most Helpful Customer Reviews on Amazon.com (beta)

Amazon.com: 4 out of 5 stars - Average 13 reviews
10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5 out of 5 stars This is heaven..... 25 Jan. 2014
By David W Published on Amazon.com
Style Name: Chrome HardwareColour Name: Wine Red
Ok, I finally own a USA Gibson Les Paul Studio. I purchased it from my local music store today. They matched the same price as amazon, including a Gibson plush hard case and threw in a strap. The reason I bought it locally is for the set up. They did everything and the guitar was PERFECT when I took it home.
This is my 6th guitar. All I have to say is I wish I would have bought one sooner. It plays like butter....the sounds are incredible. Able to change from rock to metal to blues to classical to jazz without ever touching the amp.
I thought my Fender Stratocaster was the bomb but it can't hold a candle to this.
The finish is unbelievable, everything about this is top notch quality. I will have this guitar for the rest of my life. It will make me a better player and I will play more. I already sound better and I sucked before. I played it for over 6 hours after I got it home. I couldn't believe how easy it played and how perfect the sound was, so pure.
I was afraid the neck would be wide for me but it's perfect too. I truly can't find anything I don't like about this guitar. Even the case was perfect, my Gibson fit in it like a glove. Again, top notch.
Now, for the odd thing. I ordered an Epiphone les Paul and it also arrived today. I ordered it from Amazon. OMG, I am getting rid of it. I read reviews on the Epiphone saying it was almost as good as the real thing.....NOT. Like comparing a Rolls to a Ford.
I may keep the Epiphone to beat on practicing if I can get it tolerable. It is so out of whack tune wise. I will also replace the strings, etc. and hope for the best. But honestly folks, now I have them both brand new to compare side to side, there is NO comparison Yes, the Gibson was a thousand bucks more, but money well spent in my opinion. If you get the chance and they will let you touch one, go to your local music store and try one. WOW. Wish they had more than 5 stars to give. I will probably sleep with this one tonight.....I only wish I had it last year when my wife and I spent over an hour visiting with B B KIng himself so I could have had him sign it....
7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
4 out of 5 stars Great guitar for mail-order, but be demanding 23 Dec. 2013
By Christopher J. Tempas Published on Amazon.com
Style Name: Chrome HardwareColour Name: Ebony Verified Purchase
I've been playing this guitar in shops for about a year, but wouldn't hack the price. I was impressed with how consistent they were from model to model, with the biggest variance being the wood grain along the neck. The guitar went on sale on Amazon and I scooped it up, and it arrived shortly in a beautiful black case with a white fur interior. The guitar was top notch.

The setup was almost perfect. I had read that most guitars are setup at the shops, and others have reported inconsistent setups straight from the factory. Mine was no different, with a heavy fret buzz on the high e. A quick twist of the thumb screw resolved this issue, and I'm happy to report the action is actually better than most of the in shop models I tried, and perfectly intonated.

The only drawback I had was the sound - and this is an exceedingly minor issue - it's slight, SLIGHTLY, less bright than what I played in store. But beautiful nontheless.

All that said, be demanding. IF you're unhappy with anything on the guitar, return it, even if it's just slightly the wood grain. It will not bother Amazon, and if you love the Guitar, just not this one, ask for a replacement! Not being able to fall in love with a guitar in the store first can situate you with something less than ideal. As I said, be demanding and ask them to Replace it.
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5 out of 5 stars *insert generic praise tittle* 9 Dec. 2014
By Dustin Underwood Published on Amazon.com
Style Name: Chrome HardwareColour Name: Ebony
I purchased a studio Les Paul recently on another website due to it being on sale for 829 and I couldn't pass. So I bought it, and I've not been able to put it down. It feels great, sounds great, and looks great. I've probably played more my one week of having it, then I have the last fews years with any of my guitar. It's honestly sparked a new guitarist fire for me.. Which sounds a little weird. It's a great buy, and the case that came with it is outstanding.

Product Information

 Gibson Les Paul 2016 Studio T Electric Guitar Review 

 Review No.2 

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